The pop star was paid $15 million in one of the biggest book deals of all time

    A shortage of paper has delayed the publication of Britney Spears’ memoir, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported on Saturday. After being released from her father’s conservatorship, Spears landed one of the largest book deals in history.

    Spears recently wrapped up work on the book, but its anticipated January release date has been pushed back, said TMZ, citing “sources close to Britney.” These sources also claim there’s no indication when publisher Simon & Schuster will be able to get the book to print.

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    Britney Spears invited to Congress

    According to a report by Publishers Weekly in March, supply chain issues, inflation, and employee resignations at paper plants had driven the US’ printing capacity to “historic low levels,” with publishers at the time planning around delays of between six and 12 months.

    Spears’ memoir has been in the works since February, when Simon & Schuster gave her $15 mi..

    Spanish prosecutors believe that the superstar committed tax fraud, it’s been reported

    Spanish prosecutors have called for a lengthy prison sentence and a huge fine for Colombian pop star Shakira over alleged tax fraud, the local media reported on Friday.

    According to a report by EFE, the superstar, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, is accused of failing to pay the Spanish government €14.5 million ($14.72 million) between 2012 and 2014.

    The prosecutors say that she lived with her partner, Gerard Pique, in Spain on a regular basis in Barcelona during this period, spending more than half of each year there, but maintained her official tax residency in the Bahamas until 2015. But Shakira claims she did not live in the country at the time and is therefore not obligated to pay taxes there.

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    Barcelona icon Pique accused of multimillion-euro Saudi plot

    The prosecution wants to give Shakira eight years and two months in prison as well as a fine of more than €..

    David Lynch called for peace during a prank interview

    Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky should have a beer with his Russian counterpart Putin and talk peace, American filmmaker David Lynch insisted in an “interview” with Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus.

    The first fragment of the interview was published on the Russian video hosting website RuTube on Thursday, while the full-length version is expected to be released in the coming days.

    Speaking to whom he thought was the Ukrainian leader, the Twin Peaks director insisted that the only way to end the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine was through peace. Lynch said it was his “job” to inform Zelensky about “technologies” that exist for achieving a lasting peace and that these methods were far more effective than “war and murder,” referring to letters he had previously sent to the Ukrainian president.

    “Now is the time for peace, and the technology to achieve true peace exists. You need to use them and form such..

    The Ukrainian leader was blasted online for posing for the magazine with his wife amid the ongoing military conflict

    The latest edition of Vogue magazine – featuring a glossy photoshoot with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with his wife Elena – has elicited a mixed reaction online.

    Tuesday’s article, which primarily focused on the 44-year-old first lady, features a series of shots of the couple taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. In one photo, the two are seen hugging each other while seated at a table. In another, the first lady sits on a grand staircase as the president stands guard behind her. Another shows Elena standing beside the remains of an Antonov AN-225 Mriya surrounded by armed soldiers.

    Reactions to the article have been mixed. Some have called the photoshoot “beautiful” and “powerful,” and defended the couple’s decision to pose for Vogue as shining a light on the conflict in Ukraine, keeping it in the forefront of international attention.

    Verizon execu..

    A scheduled show of Dave Chappelle was moved to another venue following controversy over his jokes about transgender people

    Emmy Award-winning American comedian Dave Chappelle had a show canceled on Thursday shortly before he was supposed to take the stage following controversy over his jokes about transgender people.

    Chappelle had a scheduled performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but the venue announced that the show was canceled and would be moved to another place.

    “To staff, artists, and our community, we hear you and we are sorry. We know we must hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we know we let you down. We are not just a black box with people in it, and we understand that First Ave is not just a room, but meaningful beyond our walls,” the venue tweeted.

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    Dave Chappelle attacked onstage

    First Avenue said it supports freedom of expression but that it “lost sight of the impact this would have.” The show was eventually moved to Varsity The..


    Seven Taiwanese officials branded “independent diehards” by Beijing

    China has expanded its list of sanctioned individuals that it considers “Taiwan independence diehards.” Seven more officials, including Taipei’s de facto ambassador to the US, were added to it.

    The latest entries also include the chief of Taiwan’s security council and members of the ruling party. Previously, Beijing sanctioned the head of Taiwan’s cabinet, the speaker of the parliament and its top diplomat.

    Targeted individuals and their family members are banned from entering Chinese-controlled territory and profiting from doing business in China. Beijing said the list was not complete and warned that people on it risked serious punishment for their activities under Chinese law.

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    Pelosi’s son who joined her on Taiwan trip holds Chinese tech stake – media

    “No one should underestimate our strong determination, firm will, and the ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a spoke..

    South Korea and Japan joined in on the exercises, the first of their kind since 2017

    Japan and South Korea joined US forces for missile defense drills off the coast of Hawaii, the first time the three countries have done so in several years, with the Pentagon saying the exercises were meant to respond to “challenges” posed by North Korea.

    The Pentagon announced the nearly week-long drills on Monday, days after they concluded on August 14, saying the three allies “participated in a missile warning and ballistic missile search and tracking exercise” near the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii, part of the multinational ‘Pacific Dragon’ drill.

    Though the Defense Department offered few other details about the exercises, it claimed they “demonstrated the commitment of the US, [South Korea] and Japan to furthering trilateral cooperation,” bolstering the “rules-based international order,” as well as responding to “DPRK challenges,” using North Korea’s formal name, the Democratic Peo..

    The soldiers will take their Ukrainian counterparts through Britain’s basic training course

    New Zealand is set to send some 120 soldiers to help train Ukrainian personnel in the United Kingdom, the government said, though stressed that there would be no direct involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Defense Minister Peeni Henare announced the move on Monday, noting that at least 120 troops, or two infantry teams, would travel to the UK to assist the training of 800 Ukrainian servicemen, part of a group of 10,000 London previously committed to train in “frontline combat.”

    “We have been told that one of the highest priorities for Ukraine right now is to further strengthen its self-defense of country and people,” Ardern said, adding that the training would involve “weapons handling, combat first aid,” and “operational law,” among other skills.

    The trainers are set to depart to the UK sometime over the next three weeks and will return in November.


    The warplanes are destined for Australia to take part in a series of military drills

    The German Air Force has deployed a fleet for its first-ever mission in the Indo-Pacific, where the craft will first stop in Singapore before holding several days of exercises with Australian counterparts.

    The Luftwaffe deployed six Eurofighter jets, four A400M multirole aircraft and three A330 tanker transport craft from Neuburg Air Base on Monday, hoping to make the 6,200-mile (10,000km) journey to Singapore in just 24 hours with only a single stop in Abu Dhabi for a pilot change.

    “We want to demonstrate that we can be in Asia within a day,” said Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, the air service’s chief of staff, adding “The Indo-Pacific is of great importance to Germany. We share the same values with many partners in this region.”

    We are about to start our 24h-Luftwaffe-challenge. Follow us here for all news about #RapidPacific2022. From 🇩🇪 to 🇸🇬 in 24hr. @GermanyInOz @GermanyinSGP @GermanyinJa..