Dreytunes! The New Culture in Discovering African Sounds

The African Music Industry is very diverse. Making it “big” in the African music scene is almost impossible, if an upcoming artist is not in contact with a “big player” in the industry. Who you know, really matters. You may not go from zero to hero in one day but it all starts with that key person of influence. or as i would say here “Platform of influence”

Dreytunes is a new platform for discovering and sharing sounds originating from Africa, from music, podcast, radios and more. Unlike other music service providers you can also upload your own content too by just easily signing up and navigating to the upload page, its easy, free and fast, each user as a custom dashboard where you can measure your stats and downloads. you can also follow and chat with fellow users, subscribe to playlists, explore radio station from your preffered country etc.. Getting verified on the dreytunes platform is as simple as ordering your best pizza, lol

Give it a try by checking out the site and get wowed by the easy to use interface https://dreytunes.com

Of course they are other music discovery platforms available all over the internet today and lots of open opportunities for indie artists in diaspora, so explore more as an artists and come out of your shell promote your career through these and various platforms available for you today

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