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The Ethereum ecosystem is increasingly becoming confident that there will be no delays to the Ethereum Merger set for mid-September.

Ethereum developers have executed the third and last test merge on the Goerli test network. This latest development means that the Ethereum network is on track to execute the Ethereum Merger set for mid-September.

The move is the last step before the mainnet merge that would see Ethereum transition from proof-of-work (PoW) consensus to proof-of-stake (PoS).

The broader cryptocurrency market has been eagerly anticipating the Ethereum Merge event with the hopes that it will make the Ethereum network significantly more energy efficient and cheaper to use.

Ethereum developers simulated the merge on Goerli earlier on Thursday, August 11, effectively switching from PoW to PoS consensus.

The developers merged Goerli’s code with its PoS-based fork called Prater, with the task involving node operators from both chains updating their client software in tand..

Crypto donations have increased into millions, with the government and an NGO getting nearly $60 million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since the start of the war.

Ukraine has used funds received from crypto donors across the globe to “fight back” after Russia’s invasion of the country, a government official has said.

Crypto helped buy food and bulletproof vests as Ukraine “fights back”
According to Ukraine’s digital transformation minister Alex Bornyakov, the support received via crypto has seen the country buy much-needed military rations and protective gear.

The money has also been accessed at a more seamless and faster pace, allowing for the swift and efficient provision of these needs, Bornyakov added.

“Crypto was one of the ways we fight back,” the minister said on Monday.

According to him, the country’s appeal for cryptocurrency donations hinged on the fact that digital assets would help facilitate a faster response.

“With crypto, we can do those transactions in fiv..

Exotic Markets raised $5 million in December 2021 as it looked to launch its DeFi protocol.

The DevNet will allow users to test the features and supports five tokens- Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Serum (SRM), Raydium (RAY) and USD Coin (USDC).

The protocol's mainnet is expected to go live at the end of March.

Exotic Markets, a decentralised wealth management protocol on the Solana blockchain, went live today, Friday, 18 February 2022 on DevNet.

With this launch, Exotic Markets unveiled the first-ever dual currency notes and accumulators, allowing for access to a wide range of payoffs for users within the growing decentralised finance market.

What's dual currency?
Dual-currency notes make it possible for DeFi participants to deposit their tokens and in turn earn rewards paid as per the deposited token’s performance. Users seeking diversification can add to their portfolios by leveraging the protocol’s Accumulator feature, which helps holders access given tokens when they ..

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta (Facebook) CEO, said via a post that the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) feature will be introduced to Facebook and Instagram. The features will enable creators and collectors to showcase the NFTs of their choice on their accounts and profiles. This feature will cut across both Instagram and Facebook users.

According to the report, the Engineers from Meta will be carrying out internal testing of the NFT feature that will kick off this week.


— db (@tier10k) May 9, 2022

Additionally, Meta is also planning to leverage its Spark AR studio tools to provide augmented reality support for NFTs on Instagram stories. Even though the company has confirmed the news, they have not yet disclosed the official rollout date for the NFT feature.

Meta and NFT – how it all started
Way back in March 2022, Meta’s CEO had teased the feature noting that the company was exploring the possibility of adding suppor..

Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC on Tuesday that crypto is attracting the best talent in the world today.

This includes “the smartest and brightest minds” fresh out of college that are coming into Web3.

The billionaire investor also talked about why central banks and governments are not “huge fans” of crypto.

Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager and founder of the Tudor Investment Corp., has reiterated his bullish outlook on cryptocurrency, pointing to the sheer amount of intellectual capital flowing into the industry.

The investor believes the crypto and Web3 sector is currently attracting most of the young smart and “brightest minds“, a scenario that makes it difficult “not to be long” on crypto.

Jones made the comments during an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on Tuesday.

Crypto and Web3 scooping most talent
According to Paul Tudor Jones, crypto’s future looks bright and that one only has to look at the number of intellectuals moving into the space. Specifically, he b.. to give 83 million users free NFT domains after partnering Web3 identity provider Unstoppable Domains.

Free NFT domains are coming to you if you are a user at one of the world’s earliest Bitcoin exchanges and wallet provider., a leading Bitcoin exchange and global wallet provider, in partnership with NFT domain name platform Unstoppable Domains, has announced it will give all of its 83 million wallet users a free .blockchain domain.

Unstoppable domains, which has issued 2.4 million NFT domain names across the ecosystem, will work with the London-based trading platform to give users full control. According to the two companies, the development will greatly aid in the adoption of crypto and Web3.

Own your “identity in Web3”
As noted in their Friday announcement, Wallet users will get domain names such as “carter.blockchain”, which they will use instead of the current alphanumeric addresses.

The NFT domains accords each user control and ow..

BNB Chain’s dApp platform DappBay will help users assess projects before investing in them.

BNB Chain on Thursday announced the launch of a new decentralised applications (dApps) platform, designed to offer a scam alert to users as they look to invest in the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem.

The new tool is available at BNB Chain’s DappBay, a dApp hub that features a built-in risk assessment system dubbed Red Alarm.

An anti-scam feature
Red Alarm is an anti-scam feature that provides for an innovative scanning tool which users can leverage to easily navigate through new projects.

With it, a user can spot potentially high risk projects and use the given details to make informed decisions, thereby keep off what could turn out to be a rug pull or scam

To assess new projects for any possible red flags, a user will need to enter the contract address of the given project. The BNB Chain community can then use the assessment details to rank newly launched projects in DeFi, NFTs and GameFi, Gwend..

Axie Infinity is set to enter a crucial phase in its development after months of delay.

The Axie Infinity team announced on Thursday that it is preparing to enter Phase 2 in a matter of hours.

The team revealed that it would deploy a large patch for its Origin game over the next few hours. The patch will officially put the project in Phase 2, signifying the launch of its Ronin sidechain. However, Axie Infinity said that the game will be down until the maintenance is complete.

In 2 hours and 50 minutes, we'll be deploying a large Origin patch that officially puts us into Phase 2.

Let's keep rolling 🤝

— Axie Infinity🦇🔊 (@AxieInfinity) June 30, 2022

Phase 2 signifies the launch of Axie Infinity’s Ronin Chain. The Ronin sidechain was originally scheduled to go live in April but faced certain difficulties.

The Ronin Bridge suffered a $625 million exploit in March 2022. At the time, the attackers stole 173,600 ether (ETH) and 25.5 million ..

Decentralized Science (DeSci), much like decentralized finance (DeFi), is a recent development in the push to decentralize science principles.

It’s a movement within the realm of using new technologies like blockchain and Web3 to advocate for a paradigm shift in scince. It’s adopting decentralization principles over centralized ones that, to a large extent, only succeed in stifling scientific progress.

Decentralized science and human progress
The world as we know it keeps changing with technological and scientific advancements, many of which have helped shape human interaction, development and generally how we live.

However, it’s not always that what starts as a noble science-related development or tech revolution has ended up working to the best of humanity. Most of the problems, so to speak, lie with the massive centralization that has over the years engulfed science.

For example, the science world has too much power concentrated within the control and purview of very few journal..