Adamsswagz Sets To Release E.P Of The Year!

Superstar African sensation Adamsswagz is set to hit our Tv Screens, Radios and Ears with a new Project which he Calls BELIEVE!!. This Is coming after he had added an unbroken chain of Hit singles and Fire Features to his Name.
Adamsswagz who is Also known As Swagu of Africa just Last month proved he is not just good with sounds and Music but with good looks as well when The superstar Nigerian Musician became the Face of HUBSTAR international digital magazine.

Adamsswagz on the cover of HUBSTAR international Mag.

Adamsswagz while speaking with buzzer daily said the Most anticipated E.P of the year 2021 which is set to be realeased on the 20th of November was curated out of The motivation and Believe that his music will change a lot of errors in his society

The motivation behind this E.p is the reality of life , things that has happened to me and things that I experienced while growing up and still facing challenges about it. so I “believe” that 1 day my music will change alot of Errors in my society . because my mother has always told me to believe in myself and what ever I believe will work for me so I believe in the superStar she calls me tho she’s no more but I believe her spirit is always with me to make sure my what I believe in comes to reality.

Adamsswagz speaking to buzzer daily.

Adamsswagz has Already announced the E.P release date and of course also scheduled a super dope listening party and Video premiere to be hosted at the Volcano Peak Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria On the 26th of November that we and millions of his fans are excited for.
As usual when the super project drops we’ll have it on here immediately for Your Ears!.

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